Dale Bacher Album

DALE 'BACH' BACHER Keyboards & Vocals
Dale’s first band was a 4 year stretch with the “Vagabonds” during his Sophomore year in High School; all prior to what was referred to in rock and roll as the “British Invasion.” They played lots of teen hops & concerts for radio stations out of OKC. In the late 60’s & early 70’s he had a 3 year stretch with a band known as “The Henchmen.” In 1975 he took a break from playing music moving to Salt Lake City, only to find his way back to the Tulsa scene in 1980, where he began playing with a Tulsa icon by the name of “Brad Absher & The Metro Blues Band.” He joined forces with other bands along the way; “Jumpstart,” “Nighflight,” “Witz End,” and “Zen Okies,” all during this time in his life.  
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